Toggle latch or draw latchIt’s been a while we wanted to bring more clarity to the English speaking customers regarding definition of products we manufacture and supply. Here in Sweden we call our products “excenterlås”. Our customers from other Counties usually also have one distinctive name, for example in Italy- “chiusure a leva”, in Russia- “защелки”, in Germany- “spannverschlüsse”, in Netherlands “knevelsluiting”. English speaking Countries is where things get more complicated. Different terms are used to describe these products starting with broad sense words such as latch or fastener and many more detailed descriptions from which most popular are toggle latch and draw latch.

We understand that this might get a little confusing sometimes, so in this article we will explain if there are any differences between toggle latch and draw latch and which one you should choose. The starting point in our investigation is definition of the Latch:

What is Latch

What is latch?It is a mechanical piece of hardware which in locked position ensure secure fastening of two surfaces, panels or objects and when unlocked allow separation. The main components are the base plate with lever and attached loop and separate part the catch plate. The tension is created once loop is hooked onto the catch plate and lever clamped down. Tension is released when the handle is pullet up to vertical position.

What’s the difference between Toggle latch and Draw latch

Both names consist of word “Latch” and then one more word added which should help further describe product type. A “Toggle” generally mean switching or the switch between one setting to another. Verb “Draw” definition is to cause move after a force applied or to pull up or out, to cause to go into certain direction. Both definitions describe rather similar actions so it really does not help us to understand possible differences between products. These names are also equally popular and receive similar quantity searches in Google search engine per month. To be precise toggle latch receive average of 2400 clicks and draw latch respectively 1900 clicks per month.

Toggle latch is draw latchWe have done a little research and realized that toggle latch or draw latch describe similar products, but different manufacturers and suppliers prefer to use more one to another. We also noted there is geographical dependence involved where draw latch is more popular in USA and Canada while toggle latch is wider used in United Kingdom and other Countries in Europe and across the world.

Our suggestion would be to use both names while searching for these products and depending on your location you might prefer one to another. To make the search for a proper latch even easier you should be using more detailed definitions. If you are interested in an adjustable length product suitable for heavy duty application or the key feature is product‘s resistance to corrosion you would rather go with keywords which describe these features: adjustable latch, heavy duty toggle latch, stainless steel latch.

How we name our Products

If you would ask us which name we prefer to use over others to describe our products the answer would be toggle latch, but it’s based pure on personal liking. We are actually using more than one as we have assigned different names for different toggle latch groups. Our best-selling toggle latches, which are adjustable length with over centre locking point we also name over centre latches or adjustable latches. Draw latches in our assortment are non adjustable wire link loop latches or latches with hidden mechanism. Our all products assortment you can find here.