Ojop Sweden provides a possibility to purchase products individually packed to suit customers‘ specific products quantities ordered or in original manufacturer’s packaging.

Manufacturers original packaging

Toggle latches, Trailer latches: Depending on toggle latch dimensions and weight Ojop Sweden using 3 different size boxes.

Box Dimensions
E-Stark 390 x 390 x 170  mm
H-Stark 290 x 260 x 160 mm
U-Stark 200 x 200 x 160 mm
Product packaging

Purchasing full box of products can be beneficial as this enable savings on delivery costs. Every size box can accommodate different quantity of products so please send an inquiry.

Additionally standard best-selling latches are packed to sealed plastic bags of 25pcs. per bag and 50pcs. of catch plates per bag. Minimum purchase quantities are set accordingly*. This packing solution facilitate orders and stock levels handling for our business customers.

Quick Power battery connectors: Minimum purchase quantity 1 box QP300 which accommodates 200pcs. of bulk products. Minimum 1 box QP150 which accommodates 34 pairs when packed to blister packaging.

Box Dimensions
QP300 600 x 400 x 170 mm
QP150 200 x 400 x 250 mm

Customer tailored packaging

For our non-business customers or distributors who need a specific number of products for small batch production or product samples, we will supply them individually packed to corresponding size boxes, envelopes or different products packed to one bigger box with remark „mixed box“. It means different types of products packed into one box. This is done to optimize delivery expenses for our customers.

*Except non-business customers who can order any quantity of products per purchase order.