We are manufacturer of toggle latches, draw latches, over centre latches, stainless steel latches and catch plates, based in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Our goal is to provide hight quality products and offer top quality service for DIY customers and large distributors. Super fast dispatch whether you ordered 1 latch or 2000 pieces. Products are dispatched from our factory in Sweden every day and you can pay by bank transfer or online by credit card or Paypal. Place an order today or contact our sales managers if you need consultation.

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We understand that finding the right product could become frustrating especially when you have to choose from hundreds of visually similar latches. Here we have assorted products according to its type, duty and size. We believe this separation will make the search process easier. Most of the assortment consists from over centre toggle latches which are perfect solution for light to ultra-heavy duty applications. If industrial product look fits the purpose these are one of the best option you can get. If you are looking for light to medium duty sleek design latch you can’t go wrong with our draw latches. Despite minimalist appearance draw latches provide solid latching and are available in many different dimensions starting from tiny 25mm to 130mm length latch.

Our factory and headquarter is located in industrial city Eskilstuna in Sweden. Being a manufacturer we are able to customize current products and develop new according to customers’ requirements, so please send an inquiry if you have special demands.

By purchasing direct from manufacturer you benefit from competitive pricing as we offer quantity discounts, fast deliveries and quality customer sales and after sales support.