Largest selection of toggle latches, draw latches, over centre latches, stainless steel latches and catch plates. Products are available in a wide variety of different designs and configurations to meet customers’ demanding requirements. Whether durability, strength, flexibility, customization or quick adjustment is needed, our wide assortment with more than 300 products will most likely provide a suitable latching solution.

Ojop toggle latches and Ojop catch plates are premium quality products, manufactured and assembled in our factory in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Available in different designs, sizes, materials and surface finishes. Due modular design we are able to customize our products and provide special solutions to our customers.

DME toggle latches and DME catch plates are cheaper alternatives to premium quality Ojop toggle latches. Products are usually kept in stock and ready for prompt dispatch. Most of the assortment consists from over centre latches and draw latches which are the perfect solution for latching panels on all kinds of enclosures, equipment and machines.

Special toggle latches once were custom made products. Products are available in multiple designs and sizes to accommodate a variety of requirements where most popular products are band clamps – over centre toggle latch and catch plate welded to stainless steel band.

Toggle latch operating principle is calibrated levers and pivots. Lever action has an over centre locking point and once it is reached the latch gets securely locked in place. Releasing the lock is simple due to the leverage provided by the handle. Our over centre fasteners can also be called adjustable toggle latches as products locking force and amount of power needed to unlock can be changed by adjusting screw loop length.

We are manufacturer with our own factory in Eskilstuna, Sweden able to customize our products and produce special tailor made toggle latches. Purchasing direct from producer customers benefit from competitive pricing – quantity discounts are offered, quality customer service and fast deliveries.