Toggle latches and draw latches are perfect solution when you need a product which locked could ensure secure fastening and when unlocked it would provide equipment accessibility.

The best part is that fasteners position can be easily changed in a second!

Products are used for countless applications trough wide range of different industries. Ojop Sweden has to offer the largest assortment of over centre latches with more than 300 products which means we most likely will have a right product for your needs.

How toggle latch work

Toggle latch operating principle is calibrated system of levers and pivots. Toggle action has an over center lock point. Once it reaches over center position latch is securely locked in place. It cannot be moved or unlocked unless certain amount of force is used to pull the handle and get over the cam. Unlocking process is simple due to the leverage provided by the handle. Amount of power needed to unlock can be changed by adjusting screw loop length.

Many different terms are used to describe these products starting with broad sense words such as latch, fastener and more detailed descriptions such as toggle latch, draw latch, over centre latch, pull action latch, adjustable latch, tension latch, lever latch which all have the same meaning.

Maximum load values

To take full benefit from the product and stay safe the maximum load values should be considered. Each product was developed for a certain maximum load and values are specified next to every product description. Please pay attention that it should be safe to use the product if while in operation product ultimate tensile strength is not exceeded.

Product Material and Finish

Most of our toggle latches are produced and offered from:

  • Zinc plated and clear passivated steel.
  • Electro polished 316 grade stainless steel.
  • Natural uncoated steel products which are used for welding applications where surface is usually finished by the customers.

There is also range of 304 grade stainless steel DME Series toggle latches available which comes as a cheaper alternative to our premium 316 Stainless steel products.

  • Most toggle latches can be chrome plated or colour passivated. Popular colours are black, military olive Drab green.
  • We also offer powder coating in any RAL colour chart. Set-up costs and/or minimum order quantities might be applied so please send an inquiry.

Toggle latch groups

Products available in wide variety of configurations to meet customers’ demanding requirements. Whether durability, strength, sleek design, flexibility or customization is needed our large assortment with more than 300 products will provide a right latching solution. Toggle latches are classified into different groups to help our customers to find the right product.

Toggle latches can also be grouped by size. There are 4 main groups:

Small size toggle latches

Medium size toggle latches

Large size toggle latches

Extra large size toggle latches

Toggle latches Drop Forged Series

Drop Forged latchesFlagship range and our statement to durability. Drop forged latches are built to last long years of successful usage. We stand behind the quality of our products and offer an unconditional lifetime warranty. Ojop Sweden is the only company worldwide which produce this type of extremely robust latches. Drop forged latches has been into space with military satellite project, deep under water in offshore platform and used for countless ordinary applications where durability is the key feature.
See all heavy duty toggle latches from drop forged steel

Toggle latches 700 Series

700 Series latches700 Series offer widest assortment with more than 200 different products. Multiple sizes, materials and finishes, different base plates and screw loop designs and other options available to satisfy variety of application requirements. These over center toggle latches are a convenient solution for panel latching when catch plate needs to be attached in a distance from the latch itself. Rotating threaded screw loop provide a possibility to adjust the desired distance to catch plate and once catch plate is attached to the panel- rotation serves as a locking force adjustment.

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Toggle latches 800 Series

800 Series latchesThese are most robust and extra heavy duty toggle latches in our assortment. They are also biggest in size. Latches and catch plates were developed to meet customers’ requirements for harshest environments where reliable super heavy duty fasteners are needed, such as special purpose Machines and Vehicles, Railway, Mining industries.

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Draw latches 900 Series

900 Series latchesUnder center latches have a subtle design with hidden mechanism and catch plate positioned underneath. Despite minimalist appearance products provide robust and secure latching. They are available in 3 different sizes and are preferred choice for customers who require sleek design and one hand quick opening functionality. Products are widely used for latching different type enclosures.

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Products features

Adjustable lengthAdjustable length
The length of the products can be adjusted by rotating threaded screw. This way locking force can be adjusted as well.

Safety catchSafety catch
Protects against unintentional opening. Toggle latch cannot be unlocked unless the safety catch is pushed.

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Developed an eye where padlock can be attached to increase security and avoid unauthorized openings. Sealing pin instead of padlock could be used to avoid unintentional openings.

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Nylon friction ringNylon Friction ring
For applications when latch is attached to vibrating surfaces or product is left in unlocked position added nylon friction ring guarantee that screw loop will remain in its initial position.

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Locking nutLocking nut
Serves similar purpose as nylon friction ring, different implementation. When screwed down to cylinder ensure that threaded screw loop remain securely positioned in place.

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Rubberized handleRubberized handle
For most of our products handle end part can be rubber coated for better grip and personalization. There are wide range of rubber colors available please inquiry.

Latches with blue rubber handle

Latches with red rubber handle

Latches with black rubber handle

Triangle screw loopTriangle screw loop
Our standard and most popular eye loop which can be used with different catch plates.

See all toggle latches with triangle screw eyeloop

Hinged triangle screw loopHinged triangle screw loop
Hinged triangle screw loop adds a flexibility and is suitable to use when catch plate has to be attached to the surface at an angle compared to toggle latch mounting position.

See all toggle latches with hinged triangle screw eyeloop

T screwT screw
While in locked position (flat mounting application) T-screw rod hides catch plate fixing screws making unauthorized disassembly impossible.

See all toggle latches with T-screw eyeloop

Bent T screwBent T screw
Bent T screw is usually used where regular T screw could not reach the catch plate. E.g. catch plate has to be attached to the surface over the angle.

See all toggle latches with bent T-screw eyeloop

Canopy hookCanopy hook
Canopy hook is used where catch plate is not needed when attaching hook to frame edge itself.

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Clutch leverClutch lever
The cable can be attached trough lever eye and while placing latch in locked position it tightens the cable and hold thing(s) in place or available to use when catch plate is not needed, e.g. for latching to the stud.
See all toggle latches with clutch lever eyeloop

Flat hook screwFlat hook screw
We suggest using Flat Hook screw where catch plate is not necessary- for latching to the cavity on the surface or to the panel edge.

See all toggle latches with flat hook screw eyeloop

Hook screwHook screw
Hook style screw loop available to use where catch plate is not needed e.g. for latching to hole, stud or frame edge itself.

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Rubber loopRubber loop
Soft body construction gives flexibility, resistance to vibrations and ensure tight fastening. Used for latching panels on vibrating surfaces, bonnets on custom made vehicles.

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Band clampBand clamp
Toggle latch and catch plate welded to the stainless steel band- products are used to tie down or secure equipment to different surfaces. Lengths vary up to customer requirements.

See our band clamp

Catch plateCatch plate
Catch plates are used with various Ojop and DME over center toggle latches. Many different models in different sizes and finishes are available for wide and narrow, flat and angle mounting. Suitable catch plates are shown next to every toggle latch description.

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