800 Series latches

Super heavy duty latches are biggest in size and strongest over centre latches in our assortment. Products were developed to meet customers’ requirements for harshest environments where reliable extra heavy duty toggle latches are needed, such as special purpose Machines and Vehicles, Trucks, Railway, Mining industries.

Product benefits and features

  • Safety catch incorporated as a standard feature to all 800 Series products. It ensures latch cannot be accidentally opened unless safety catch is released
  • Available in 316 stainless steel and zinc plated steel
  • Products achieve ultimate tensile strength of 1600 kg
  • Available in three different sizes with standard T screw loop and heavy duty bolt type T screw
  • Rotating screw loop enable latch length adjustments
  • Standard and slim versions available with base plate width 55 mm and 40 mm


  • Railway industry
  • Truck industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Special purpose Machines and Vehicles
  • Mining industry

800 Series products nicely fill Ojop range of over centre adjustable latches. If you are interested in our heavy duty smaller size similar products check our Drop forged toggle latch assortment. For light and medium duty over centre latch range please check our 700 Series toggle latches.

Available sizes

Latches are manufactured and offered in different sizes to suit various application requirements. Slim version available with standard T screw and heavy duty bolt type T screw.

Available sizes

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