Draw latches from our 900 series have subtle design thanks to hidden mechanism and catch plate positioned underneath. Despite minimalist appearance product provide robust and secure latching. These draw latches available in 3 different sizes and are preferred choice for customers who require clean sleek design and one hand opening functionality. Special surface finishes are also available such as powder coating, chrome plating or colour passivating to give that special look or adapt to customers equipment colour scheme. Draw latches are frequently used in many industries such as special purpose machines and equipment, automotive, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, food processing, industrial enclosures, laboratories equipment.
900 Series latches

Product benefits and features

  • Under-center mechanism provide a clean surface appearance
  • Available in zinc plated steel and 316 Stainless steel
  • Special surface finishes available- powder coating, chrome plating or color passivating
  • Produced in 3 sizes to suit different application requirements
  • Padlockable versions dedicated to avoid unauthorized opening


  • Industrial enclosures
  • Automotive industry
  • Special purpose machines and vehicles
  • HVAC industry (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Food processing, laboratories equipment

Available sizes

Draw latches available in 3 sizes to accommodate various application requirements.



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