Quick release battery connectors fits SAE or DIN standard starter batteries or vehicle batteries. Battery terminals can be used for cars, trucks, buses, boats, caravans, motor homes and special applications such as solar cells, mobile generator sets, electric vehicles, construction or laboratory equipment.




Quick Power 12 μm tin-plated brass for Marine or more demanding environments.




Quick Power in solid brass for utility use.


  • The battery can be connected or disconnected in a few seconds, while battery terminals durability are equivalent to those designed for permanent connection.
  • No tools are needed.
  • The design is ideal for tight confined spaces where installation can be challenging.
  • Battery terminals covered with plastic covers eliminate risk of electric shock and protect battery poles.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Battery connectors designed to accomodate jump cables while connected to the battery.
  • Quick release battery connectors can also serve as safe and reliable master switches, providing additional security.

tuvQuick Power battery terminals are the only product of this type on the market which was certified by TÜV. Quick release battery terminals are widely used professionally in industrail applications as well as in households for personal use.


Lift cover completely to disconnect power and close completely to connect power.
Lift cover to first position to attach jumper cables.


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