We are happy to announce, that Ojop Sweden AB purchased company Barva Hejarsmide AB. Acquisition processes will be performed in January 2023. We will combine our assets and technologies to incorporate into one larger business under Ojop Sweden brand. Acquisition involves complex processes which require knowledge, time and open communication and we will try to ensure process runs smoothly for all parties involved.

Barva Hejarsmide AB offers drop forging, including mechanical processing, heat treatment and finishing. We also arrange for surface treatment. Subject weight up to 1 kg. Barva is more than 40 years in the business, company was registered in year 1979. It is located in village Barva, 20km from Eskilstuna. 

We expect acquisition of Barva Hejarsmide AB will improve Ojop drop forged latches production capacity and lead times. 

We will also be happy to receive requests for drop forged items production according to your specific requirements.

Contact: barvahejarsmide@ojopsweden.se