Toggle latches The greater part of our toggle latch assortment consists of over centre latches – drop forged series, 700 series, 800 series. These products suitable from light to ultra heavy duties, available in different designs, sizes, materials and surface treatments. Important part of production is dedicated to premium quality stainless steel latches which are produced from 316 grade electropolished stainless steel. Heavy duty drop forged toggle latches are extremely durable unique products on the market. Toggle latches and draw latches comes as a perfect solution when customer needs a reliable high quality latch which locked could ensure secure fastening and when unlocked it would provide equipment accessibility. Latch position can be changed in a second which makes it preffered solution for countless industrial applications.

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Drop forged latchesOur flagship range and statement to durability. Products are built to last years of successful usage for applications where strength is a key feature. We stand behind the quality of our products and offer an unconditional lifetime warranty for the whole range of drop forged latches. Ojop Sweden is the only company worldwide producing this type heavy duty over centre toggle latches. Manufactured in natural steel for welding purposes, zinc plated steel or 316 stainless steel for screw on or riveting to surfaces. These adjustable toggle latches are available in four different sizes. Discover our range of heavy duty toggle latches from drop forged steel.

700 seriesWide assortment with more than 200 modifications of over centre latches. Multiple sizes, materials and finishes, various base plates and screw loop designs and other options are offered to satisfy variety of application requirements. These adjustable toggle latches are a convenient solution for panel latching when catch plate needs to be attached in a distance to the latch itself. By rotating threaded rod customer can adjust latch length as well as locking tension. Discover our range of over centre toggle latches from 700 series.

800 seriesThese ultra heavy duty over centre latches are biggest in size and also strongest latches in our assortment. Products were developed to meet customers’ requirements for harshest environments where reliable super heavy duty over centre latches are needed. Produced in different sizes- regular and slim versions, from zinc plated steel or 316 grade stainless steel. Discover our range of extra heavy duty toggle latches from 800 series.

900 series Draw latches have a subtle design with a hidden mechanism and catch plate positioned underneath. Despite minimalist appearance draw latch provide robust and secure latching. Manufactured from zinc plated steel with various surface finishes available or from 316 stainless steel. Products available in 3 sizes. Discover our range of draw latches from 900 series.

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