Updated product 3D drawing

We are happy to announce that we have implemented a design change to our TICO Trailer latches. Handle design has been updated to ensure perfect appearance and build quality. Due modernized production line Trailer latches production capacity has increased so we will be able to fulfill orders faster. 

More than 30 customers from 7 Countries will soon be able to evaluate advantages as improved design TICO Trailer latches we will be starting to supply from January 10th 2017.


Important to mention, that products dimensions and other parameters will remain the same.

Trailer latches will be also supplied under the original part numbers.

List of latches which design has been updated provided below.

TICO L7 Trailer latch
Item No. 102000

TICO L9F Trailer latch
Item No. 103010

TICO L9F Trailer latch
Item No. 103040

TICO L9F Trailer latch
Item No. 103310

TICO LB 25/23 Trailer latch
Item No. 105010

TICO LB 25/35 Trailer latch
Item No. 105110