Product packaging regulations of Ojop Sweden AB for deliveries to private and business customers

Packing to cardboard boxes

Products are packed to solid and stable cardboard boxes. Each packing unit is furnished with the following information located on the label, placed on the side of the box:

  • Product title
  • Product item number in our system
  • Products quantity in the box
  • Packing date

Our packing is suitable for robotic handling. Maximum weight per box 20 kg but usually do not exceed 16 kg. All boxes are sealed with adhesive strip with Ojop logo. Depending on products dimensions and weight different cardboard boxes are used:

  • 290 x 260 x 160 mm. Price 15 SEK (1.5 Eur) /pcs.
  • 340 x 270 x 70 mm. Price 8 SEK (0.8 Eur) /pcs.
  • 240 x 170 x 70 mm. Price 8 SEK (0.8 Eur) /pcs.
Product packaging

Packages carrying different types or products are labelled as “Mixed box”

If the shipment weighs less than 100 kg, it will be delivered in packages provided that products can be packed to no more than five packages.

Packing to euro pallets

Delivery of items weighing 100 kg or more are packed on a ½ or full euro pallet. Prices for pallets are set 80 SEK (8 Eur) /pcs. and 100 SEK (10 Eur) /pcs. accordingly. Pallets are not stackable where ½ euro pallet should be booked as 0,2 loading meter and full euro pallet- 0,4 loading meter. Pallets are sealed with stretch tape to protect them from getting wet during transit. ½ euro pallet weight does not exceed 400kg and full euro pallet maximum allowed weight is 900kg.

OJOP - packing to euro pallets

We are able to offer deliveries in euro pallets and wooden stacking frames if customer require stackable option, but additional charges for such packaging will be applied. Delivery in partial quantities are avoided, exceptions are always coordinated with customers before products dispatch.

Packing of QP battery connectors

Quick Power battery connectors are packed to cardboard box size 290 x 260 x 160. It accommodates up to 25 sets when packed to blister packaging and up to 100 pcs. of bulk products.

Customer tailored packaging

For our non-business customers or distributors who need a specific number of products for small batch production or product samples, we will supply them individually packed to corresponding size bags, boxes, envelopes or different products packed to one bigger box with remark „mixed box“. It means different types of products packed into one box. This is done to optimize delivery expenses for our customers.